Arts and Crafts websites for Spanish speakers

These are websites that are all about arts and crafts. And they are all written in Spanish as well. So you will find that these websites will be very easy to read. They will also be primarily featuring Spanish or Hispanic artists as well. So if you would like to see work that is showcased by Latin or Hispanic artists, these are the websites that you should be checking out. They are all very Spanish-friendly related arts and crafts websites. And these websites are also continuously updated with new artwork or art guides, so you should be visiting these websites as often as you can.

This is the personal website of artist, Alberto Blanchart. He is a painter that uses oils on canvas to create some really breath-taking artwork. He also paints with watercolors and other painting mediums as well.

This is another personal website of a Spanish artist. He is very well-known for his distinctive style of art. And you will be able to see a sample of his work, through the portfolio that he has uploaded to his own website. You can also see his latest works through this page as well.

Carlos showcases 3D models of buildings. And he also showcases the architecture of modern and classic buildings on his website. You are also able to check out some of the latest videos that this Spanish-speaking artist produces.

This is the website of a singer-songwriter based in Madrid. You are able to listen to all of his newest music on his personal website. You are able to get the latest news and releases about this musician on his official website as well.

Juliet is a contemporary artist who works with plastics to create sculptures. She is more well-known for her contemporary modern sculptures that feature some very innovative shapes and designs. Anybody can visit her website and view her portfolio of her modern plastic sculptures to see the latest work that she has produced.

Jose is an illustrator, who has had a very prolific career. He mostly works in book illustrations, and anybody that is interested in his work may be able to view samples of it on his website. All of the illustration work that Jose has done will be on this website!

Be sure to check out this web directory link if you want to be able to actually find a website that is geared towards Latin or Hispanic artists or craftspeople. There are also new links that will periodically be added to this web page as well, so you should check this specific page more often if you would like to get to know more arts related websites that are for Spanish-speaking audiences. And if you have got an art website that you wish to be added to this directory page, just send us a link to your art website and we will add it to this page.