Here are some Spanish language blogs

If you are looking for blog pages that are written for Spanish-speaking audiences, you have come to the right web directory. This is a page that will list down all of the Spanish related blogs that you can find on the internet. This will be a complete web directory link for all blogs, and they will cover all sorts of categories. A short description of the blog pages will also be written below the link so that you are able to learn about the web page before you visit it. Consider checking out these Hispanic blogs if you need a new one to follow.

This is a personal blog that is written to chronicle the daily life of the writer. If you like reading blogs that are personal anecdotes of someone’s life, then you should check out this one.

For any persons living in Puerto barrios, this is a blog that is dedicated to you. It will include a lot of news and information about the area of Puerto barrios. And it will even have tips and even guides about relevant information for any person that is thinking about visiting.

This is a blog of a Spanish academic. So if you love reading about intellectual musings and insightful commentary about current events, you should be reading this blog. The Hispanic writer of this blog also loves to publish his own poetry on this blog as well. So you should consider checking it out if you love Spanish language poetry.

The writer of this blog is really funny! She mostly writes about personal stories that have happened to her. But on her blog, she will but a humorous spin on her stories. So even reading about her day will make you cry with laughter!

Politics, news, current events, and opinion pieces will all be covered by this blog. The writer of this blog has a very strong editorial voice. So you can be sure to read some very insightful political commentary and analysis if you read and follow this blog. There is a lot of very detailed articles about current events on this blog’s posts.

These are all of the currently active blogs that are part of this web directory. Newer links to fresh blogs may be added in the future. Broken links to blogs that have been taken down will also be removed. So you can rest assured that all of these links that are added will actually work.

If you would like to include your own blog in this web directory of blog links, do not hesitate to send us a message. We will add your own blog to this web directory if it is written in Spanish or is meant for Hispanic audiences. We love getting new blog link submissions as well. So if you feel like you want to share new blog links with us, please do so and we will gladly add those Hispanic related blogs to this website.