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This is a page for all of the websites that are not easily categorized into the directory with the rest of the other websites. So they will have their own special category page, which is this one. These websites that are linked here are not easily categorized into the main categories of this web directory. However, they are all written for Hispanic audiences. And they are also relevant to Hispanic people because they all contain content which is written in Spanish. So these websites may not be easily linked or organized into neat categories, however, they are very relevant to the web directory of Hispanic and Spanish related websites. – Visit this website if you want to play free flash games on the internet. The flash games that are featured on this web page are all Spanish related. So if your kids have trouble speaking other kinds of languages, aside from Spanish, they will have a lot of fun playing this game. There are a lot of different webs based flash games that you can find on this particular website as well. So you should have no trouble finding something fun to play if you are ever feeling bored browsing the internet. – This website is a Spanish language travel on. And you can find and book cheap flights on this website. So it can be an extremely useful travel tool if you want to ensure that you are getting the best prices for wherever you are traveling to and from. – This is another website which is also a web directory for Spanish language web pages. If you want to find more resources about Hispanic-related websites, you can also visit this one if you need to find more links. You will find that this website is also categorized really neatly.

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Click any of the above links if you wish to play one of the games or visit these websites out yourself. You should consider checking out these websites if you are wondering if there is a new Hispanic related website that you are able to check out. These websites that are included in this other links page are all written in Spanish as well, so you should have no problem navigating these websites if Spanish is your first language. They will still be geared towards Hispanics and other Spanish-speaking people.